2018-19 USA Hockey Membership (available to purchase in April) is required to tryout.  2017-18 USA Hockey numbers are NOT valid. Please visit www.usahockeyregistration.com if you need to register.  Please bring your USAH number to every try-out



Required for ALL SCAHA, Jr Ducks, Lady Ducks, and CAHA Tier I, II Teams in Southern California. Please visit www.iscaha.com/scaha to create your account and get your SCAHA Passcode.   Please bring the SCAHA Registration confirmation email to every tryout.  This pass will confirm to the tryout personnel that you are registered for 2018-19 USA Hockey and SCAHA



The $30 per tryout fee must be paid at the tryout table with cash or check (payable to Irvine Ice Foundation – this may be different for some HS teams).  Credit/debit cards are not accepted for the tryout fee.  You will pay only for the first 3 tryouts.  Any tryout you attend after that will be free.  NOTE:  If you make a team on the 1st or 2nd tryout and return for a 3rd skate, you must pay the $30 tryout fee to be on the ice for a 2nd or 3rd time



If you are a new player to SCAHA, ADHSHL, or are foreign born, you MAY be asked to provide a copy of your government-issued birth certificate and/or US Visa documents to the Irvine Ice Foundation Registrar.  Please make sure that you bring these documents to tryouts in the event that you are picked for a team


  • Check-in at the tryout table, present the required documentation (see above), and pay your tryout fee

  • Receive your tryout number and place it on the back of your helmet (some tryouts use jerseys instead of helmet numbers)

  • Proceed to locker room and be ready to get on the ice at the designated time for your tryout

  • Most tryouts will last about an hour. Upon completion of the tryout, proceed to the locker room and get dressed

  • Tryout results will be posted by your helmet/jersey number on a board at the rink shortly after the completion of the tryout. At that time, you will be instructed to do one of the following things:

    • Meet with the coach to sign up for the team

    • Return to the next tryout for another look

    • You are excused to attend tryouts for other teams



  • Immediately following the tryout, you will meet with the team representative at the area designated

  • With help from a team representative, you will complete the Letter of Intent

  • Financial arrangements for payment of registration and dues must be completed online within 24 hours of making the team

  • Once you sign a Letter of Intent you may not tryout for any other team (exceptions: SCAHA players may also be on a High School team, girls may roster on both a girls team and boys team as long as it is not in conflict with league rules)​

Important Tryout Information

Complete these steps before attending Tryouts:


Step 1: Register for a 2018-19 USA Hockey Membership

Step 2: Register for a 2018 SCAHA Pass Code

Step 3: Pre-Register at www.jrducks.com/preregister


*Players only need to pre-register one time. If they pre-registered for Tier I/AAA Tryouts they do not need to do it again for Tier II/AA, 10u and 8u Tryouts.​

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