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Tier I & Tier II Tryout Info

The Lady Ducks will field 19AAA, 19AA, 16AAA, 16AA, 14AAA and 14AA teams (All National Bound); 12AAA & 12AA regional and nationally-competitive teams.


If you have any questions please contact Caroline Marchant

The Lady Ducks are coming off another successful season in the program’s 21-year history. Five teams recently competed at the USA Hockey Tier I & II Girls' Nationals, the most of any club in the United States. This marked the 18th year the Lady Ducks have sent teams to Nationals, and in the club’s history more than 45 teams have gone to the National tournament.


Even in this pandemic year another 11 athletes made college student-athlete commitments this season, bringing the club’s total to more than 185!  Lady Ducks AAA and AA players all receive placement support through the club’s college prep staff and College Liaison, Caroline Marchant, to assist them in matching Division I,  III and ACHA programs that fit their academic goals and athletic level.

The Lady Ducks are honored that two alumni: Cayla Barnes and Keely Moy represented in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China.  Cayla played for Team USA and Keely played for Team Switzerland.  Six former Lady Ducks have played at the Women’s 18U World Championships as well as a few represented at World's Championship. 

Tryout Pre-Registration Information

2023-2024 Tier I Tryout Info

All Tryouts will be held at Great Park Ice

Registration is OPEN- everyone must pre-register



Head Coach: Lillian Marchant


June 2nd 5:00PM & June 3rd 9:45AM 



Head Coach: Zealin Cronk

June 2nd 6:15 PM & June 3rd 9:45AM



Head Coach: Lillian Marchant

June 2nd 7:00PM & June 3rd 8:30AM



Head Coach: Vicky Wang

June 2nd 5:45PM & June 3rd 8:30AM


Goalie Instructor: 

Stephanie Yates - Female Goalie Coach - In - Chief of the Pacific District


Tier II Tryout Info


Registration opens June 4th - everyone must pre-register

12U AA

Head Coach: Zealin Cronk

June 9th 6:00PM & 10th 11:00AM

12U A-LDT 

Head Coach: Audrey Sosbe

June 9th 6:00PM & June 10th 11:00 AM

14U AA

14AA Head Coach: Vince Valles

June 9th 5:30PM & June 10th 11:00AM

14U A-LDT 

14A Head Coach: Danielle Ramirez

June 9th 5:30PM & June 10th 11:00AM


16U AA

16AA Head Coach: Chase Reddin

June 9th 6:45PM & June 10th 12:15PM

16/19U A-LDT

16/19A Head Coach: Molly Schaus

June 9th 6:45PM & June 10th 12:15PM


19U AA

Head Coach: Connor Jordan

June 9th 8:00PM & June 10th 12:15PM

10U A/B 

10A - Head Coach: Vicky Wang

10B - Head Coach: Maya Tasesvki

June 10th 9:45AM & June 11th 9:15AM

8U A/B

8A-Head Coach: Jen Friedman

8B- Head Coach: Matt Cignoli

June 10th 8:30AM & June 11th 8:00AM

Goalie Instructors: 

Stephanie Yates - Female Goalie Coach - In - Chief of the Pacific District

(NCAA asst. & goalie coach, Utica College goalie)

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