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April 21-23, 2023 - Great Park Ice

College Development Camp

9th Annual College Development Camp

The Lady Ducks College Development Camp is designed to give aspiring collegiate players, ages 13-18, exposure to college coaches in both a developmental and game environment. Any player looking to play at the collegiate level shouldn’t miss the opportunity to work with NCAA Women’s coaches and take your game to the next level. Over 60 girls participated in the camp last year. The camp provides exposure to both Division I and III level coaches and gives players from the West Coast an opportunity to get on the radar with women’s collegiate hockey programs.

Players will be placed on competitively matched teams and will work with their coach to develop the needed skills to become a college player; understanding of flow, game situations, positions and decision-making during practice and game play. In addition to the coaches on the ice, the event will be open to other college coaches for scouting. Over 50 invites will be sent to NCAA Women’s Programs. The program and skill level will be competitive and is for Tier I and II players only who are highly directed and motivated.

Camp Information

Cost: $425 per player

Great Park Ice

888 Ridge Valley

Irvine, CA 92618

Deadline to register: 3/31/2023

Includes: jersey, socks, 5 ice slots, lunch Friday & Saturday

2023 Coaches: 

Matt Cunningham, William Smith, DIII
Jeff Giesen, Univ. of Minnesota Mankato, DI
Taylor Wasylk, Suffolk University, DIII
Ashley Holmes, Augsburg College, DIII

Jordan Lipson, Lindenwood University, DI

Jessica Koizumi, Univ. of Vermont, DI


Past Coaches/Schools in Attendance: 

Lindsay Berman, Northeastern University, Div. I
Kristi Kehoe,
Lindenwood University, Div. I

Marissa O'Neil, Bowdin College, Div. III

Dan Koch, Wisconsin University, Div. I

Kelly Nash, Princeton University, Div. I
Steph Moberg, Merrimack Univ., Div. I
Brooke Fernandez, 
Middlebury, Div. III
Meghan Gillis, Williams, Div. III
Bianca Bogda Salva, Regina, Div. III
Kristi Kehoe, New England College Div. III
Kelly Rider, Neumann Univ., Div. III
Danielle Bilodeau, Cornell, Div. I
Chris Wells, St. Lawrence Univ., Div. I
Marissa O’Neil, Bowdoin, Div. III
Jessica Koizumi, University of Vermont, Div. I
Brian Durocher, Boston University, Div. I
Matt & Shannon Desrosiers, Clarkson U, Div. I
Stephanie Moberg, Merrimack College Div. I

Lucy Schoedel, Harvard, Div. I

Andrea St.Onge, Post University, Div. I

Meredith Roth, St. Norbert, Div. III

Holley Ting, Colby College, Div. III

Celeste Brown, Penn State, Div. I








Friday Schedule




Saturday Schedule


Sunday Schedule


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