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November Players of the Month

A/B Teams: 14A Itxhel Carbajal - Itxhel is new to ice hockey and has worked very hard to develop her skating skills. Coach Molly says that Itxhel has been the most improved skater on the team and is looking forward to seeing her growth after one full season of hockey. Congrats for your effort and commitment to improve!

AA teams: 19AA Mallory Martinez - is the Co-AA player of the month for November. The coaches are proud of her growth as a player in both skills and team concepts. Mallory was recently named assistant captain as she demonstrates a team first attitude both on and off the ice. Nice job Mallory!

AA teams: 14AA Mary Worth - On the 14AA team this year, Mary has shown Coach Vicky her hard work and ability to be coachable day in and out. Mary has improved many areas of her game this year with excellent practice progress. Way to go Mary!

AAA teams: 14AAA GiGi Martin - Coach Jen has seen Gigi’s versatility as both a Defender and forward, demonstrating excellent hockey IQ and using her top attendance at practice to grow her game in every way! Congrats Gigi!

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