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Catching up with Kai - Why playing in college was helpful.

LD asked Kai...Why was it important to you to carry your sport through your college years?

For me, playing hockey in college gave me a sense of responsibility and accountability that is difficult to mimick. I was never able to say things like " oh well, I can get that done tomorrow" because I had to be diligent with my time to maintain my academic and athletic schedule. In college, I double majored and minored as well as served as a President's fellow. That being said, I think hockey actually allowed me to do so. Each week was already planned out for me and my coaches checked in on me often. Plus, having a break from the classroom and social pressure felt like such a treat after a long day of classes and seeing people. I was also able to make a strong group of friends with similar schedules and interests through hockey. Now that I am in grad school, I often miss the feeling of a good practice, walking to the dining hall with my friends, and hitting the library for a few hours before going home. Hockey made my college experience so much richer, and for me, playing D3 at a NESCAC was a perfect blend of high-level sports and outside experiences. Even when I toured the state reading my poetry as part of a competition I had won, my coaches made sure to work with my schedule so I could pursue my other interests. I am grateful for my experience, and felt that it allowed me to have a balanced, healthy, and happy college experience.

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