A/B Coaches 

Vicky Wang

10A Head Coach

The Lady Ducks are so proud to welcome back one of our top development coaches and former Chinese Olympian, Coach Vicky, to the LD program. As our ADM 10u coordinator and 10A team head coach, Vicky will bring player development at this level to the highest level. Vicky came onto the scene as a key defenseman for Team China, battling Team USA’s Cammi Granato in front of the net on many occasions. Vicky began with the Lady Ducks in the early 2000s after retiring from Team China in 2001, after the World Championships and moving to California. Vicky was an integral part of our player development from 2002-2007, culminating as an assistant coach on the National Championship 12AAA Lady Ducks team. Vicky continued with the Lady Ducks through 16aaa level, after which she began a hiatus after marrying her husband, Juan and starting a family. Vicky will raise the bar at the 10u age level, to introduce training and development of fundamentals and create an environment where players learn to push themselves. We are very excited to have Coach Vicky back with the LD and look forward to growth and success at this level!

Jeff Stehlik

10B Head Coach

Jeff has worked with the Lady Ducks 8U and 10U program for the previous 3 years. He played youth hockey in Portland, Oregon, playing on travel teams beginning from 10UB to 19AAA. Jeff then moved to Southern California, where he studied and received a Bachelor of Art Degree in Physical Education - Teaching & Coaching, from Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA. He is a lifelong athlete who has participated in multiple marathons, open water swims, mountaineering up various mountains, and continues to play hockey. Jeff's focus is on player development and to install a “Life-Long Passion” for this great game of hockey. 

Tracy Frazer

8u Head Coach, 10u A/B Assistant Coach, 8u ADM Coordinator

Tracy has been with the Lady Ducks program for 13 years, working specifically with 8u and 10u players. She continues to work with young players in skill development and is known for her popularity among players as they make the game fun and be involved as a sport for a lifetime. A retired Kung-fu Master, Tracy’s multi-sport background brings her varied interests and positive influence to the ice. From roller hockey to ice; from Kung-fu to bowling championships, Coach Tracy loves working on the grassroots of the LD program, 6u, 8u, 10u age groups. Before it was cool, Tracy taught the ADM-style concepts used by USA Hockey today! Tracy focuses on the fundamentals to ensure that players get corrected, receive reinforcement for learning new things and have fun every time they step on the ice. Tracy passes her experiences at Narch and USAHockey National championships to the young player and makes this game fun in a challenging instructional environment. 

Zealin Cronk

8U Head Coach and LD ADM Development

We are excited to welcome Zealin to the Lady Ducks program this year! Zealin has been involved in hockey for most of his life and brings over 15 years of playing and 10 years coaching experience to strengthen the Lady Ducks female ADM player development.  Z grew up in Huntington Beach and played for the Jr Ducks from the mite level on up.  Having an advanced grasp of the game even as a mite player,  Z started coaching at camps and helping as a junior coach with teams by the time he was 12.  


After playing prep, then Junior hockey in Massachusetts injuries sidelined him. The obvious step was to move into coaching which led Zealin to mentor in the Rinks and jr. Ducks programs where he quickly became coordinator of youth hockey at Westminster ICE and head of the Beckman Area high school program. Zealin has coached with the Jr. Ducks for 6 years and worked with various Lady Ducks players already for training which was a major reason he felt transitioning to the girls program was the next step.  With 13 years experience as a referee Coach Z has always been around the game and is always working to get better at coaching and playing it!